Thank you for your interest in KareMor®.  The following pages will give you a brief overview of one of the fastest growing companies of the decade. The overview will include information about timing and trends, the company, the product, the compensation and marketing plans, and also training and support.  After reviewing the information, I think you will understand why many experts are calling KareMor® the FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY OF THE DECADE.  

KareMor International, Inc.® is the five year old marketing division of Mayor Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Inc.  Mayor has demonstrated success, profitability and technological leadership for the past 15 years.  The corporate headquarters, in Phoenix, Arizona, are adjacent to the Company's ultra modern manufacturing plant and state of the art R&D facilities allowing constant quality control.   In addition to it's strong financial foundation, Mayor Pharmaceutical has an excellent reputation built upon many years of marketing high quality products to the medical field.  

Today, you have the benefits of a ground floor opportunity in a totally new marketing program and the comfort of knowing the parent Company is strong, secure and reliable.   KareMor®, is a debt free company, has the financial strength to be a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA).   This affiliation is very important to you as an Independant Distributor as it enhances awareness of the network marketing industry.   The comfort of knowing you're associated with a solid, reliable Company is only one of the many benefits that makes KareMor® such an exciting career opportunity!